At Shadow Works we follow a simple three-step process in order to create memorable brand experiences. During the DECONSTRUCT phase, the first of the three steps, we go back to the basics of the brand, and the elements that make up the brand’s identity. What is the brand’s strategy? The brand’s consumer journey? It’s architecture and personality? Through deconstruction we familiarize ourselves with the brand, its core values and its target audience.


In our DEFINE phase, we create a BRAND LEXICON for the brand. Our BRAND LEXICON is the process by which we filter out brand elements and define them for the digital space. It takes elements typically found in brand guidelines and extends their scope to include more complex brand elements like sound, tone of voice and movement. Once defined, it will serve as a creative black box for the brand.


During the most important of the three steps, CREATE, we turn your brand and your ideas into compelling digital communications. Through the use of our BRAND LEXICON we ensure that your brand is represented consistently across all communications platforms, whether information design, motion design, or interactive.